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What you’ll learn

Stop learning with superficial and excessive case resources online. Simply follow our step-by-step interview training designed to get you the offer.

What you will get

Follow our step-by-step training programme to cover everything you need to get your consulting offer from a single source.
Consulting Application Video
11 min
First-Class Consulting CV Template
1 Page
Case Method Video
38 min
Cost Cutting at a Car Rental Company
25 min
R&D Cost-Cutting at a Pharma Company
28 min
New Market Entry of a Software Company
31 min
Revenue Growth of a Supermarket Chain
26 min
New Market Entry of a Hotel Chain
27 min
Vaccination Delivery Strategy in Africa
28 min
New Market Entry of an Agricultural Company
10 pages
Cost Cutting at a Supermarket Chain
7 pages
Pricing Analysis of Online Retailer Product Portfolio
9 pages
Banking Due Diligence for TMT Merger
11 pages
New Product Launch of an Insurance Company
8 pages
Operational Efficiency Analysis of an International Airline
10 pages
Pricing Case of a Food & Beverage Conglomerate
9 pages
New Product Launch of a Medical Products Supplier
8 pages
Profitability Case at a Pet Food Supplier
11 pages
Cost Case at a Local Pizzeria
7 pages
Math Bootcamp Video
15 min
PDF with 100+ Consulting Math Questions
11 pages
Mastering Consulting Analytics Tests Video
12 min
3x “BCG Potential Test” Practice Set
31 pages
3x “Bain Online Test” Practice Set
34 pages
Mastering Personal Fit Questions Video
28 min
100+ Most Frequent Personal Fit Questions & Anwsers
23 pages
McKinsey PEI Preparation
20 min

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Book additional 1:1 Sessions with ex-MBB Consultants

Our team consists of former interviewers of top-tier consultancies around the globe. In the coaching session, you will mimic a real-life interview and get direct feedback afterwards.

The session will be fully tailored to your specific needs and you will get answers to any open question you might have. Our coaching sessions last 50 minutes and are conducted via online video call.

Once you have subscribed to the course, you will have the option to book additional 1:1 sessions for the price of $195 per session.

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